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Sunday   Noon to 4pm
Mon - Fri 10am to 6pm
Saturday 11am to 5pm
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The Paper Shop & So Much More!
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Welcome to our new website. It is our hope you will find it as
exciting as we do. We will continue to improve upon it in the
months to come.
We wish to extend all the joy and happiness of the holiday
season to all of our customers.
And the happiest of New Years in 2015!!!!
Experience, unique products, and personal service
make us a great place to shop for any occasion

We have been in business for over 10 years
Retail cards for all occasions
Custom printing for anything imaginable at reasonable
Authorized retailer of Vera Bradley handbags, luggage, &
other accessories
Unique stationery, toys, jewelry, and more
Who we are

Our store is dedicated to offering its customers a unique line of
products to meet their stationery and gift needs for the special
occasions in life. Whether planning for a life event, holiday, or
treating yourself our friendly service will enhance the experience.
What we sell

We sell stationery goods for weddings, birthdays, and holidays
from the simple to the elegant. You can choose the stationery
from well know private brands or have us custom print them to
your specifications. Our store offers a full line of Vera Bradley
handbags, Wind & Fire jewelry, and other great gift brands.
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